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Natural Gas Compressor & Pump Repair

Our customers depend on our products so that they can continue to work all day long and meet the demand they have for production. Along with this high demand placed on our compressors and pumps comes a high possibility that machines will break down, as usual with mechanical machines. To help combat these often unexpected problems, Industrial Gas Technology offers a compressor and pump repair service to all our customers. 

Being an authorized service center for industry-leading pump and compressor manufacturers such as Corken, Blackmer, Sero, and Gorman Rupp, we have the knowledge and expertise to get your pumps up and running once again.  

Every compressor and pump we service is rebuilt at our in-house service department. This eliminates any need for outsourcing our work to other companies and allows us to keep prices and processing times much lower. Before sending our repaired products back to the customer, we fully test every compressor and pump repair to assure a trouble-free startup. In our years of equipment repair and service experience, we have developed an extremely fast, efficient system. This process helps to prevent long repair lead times while serving our customers in the best possible way to get their equipment back up to functional order. 

​On all the service work we do, we include a one-year guarantee that shows the confidence we have in our maintenance work. Our repair and rebuild services are typically completed in-house; however, we do offer service calls to come to your location and repair equipment on-site if you are unable to reach us. We also provide a large on-site inventory of parts and supplies that helps us to serve our customers with fast turnaround times for rebuilt compressors and pumps. 

​For more information on our compressor and pump repair services, or if you need a quote for maintenance on your own pump or compressor, contact us. 

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