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Bearing Carrier & Compressor Connecting Rod Parts Exchange

At Industrial Gas Technology, we understand that you demand a lot out of your equipment. In an industry where the work placed upon your equipment is equally demanding, it’s very common for parts to become extremely worn out, leading to a need for replacement. To help with this problem, we offer a rebuilt bearing carrier and compressor connecting rod parts exchange. Through this program, you’re asked to deposit your old bearing carriers or compressor connecting rods, and you’ll be able to order a rebuilt version of the product you need. 

To begin the process of rebuilding your parts, all we need to start is a core piece, such as an old connecting rod. You can leave the rest to us; we’ll take care of the machining, cleanup, and new parts installation. After processing, your refurbished connecting rod will include new bushings, bearings, bolts, and nuts. Your refurbished bearing carrier will include new bushings and a bearing race ready for installation into your compressor. We take every step necessary to bring your parts back up to their original OEM quality, giving your machines an extended working life. 

By ordering rebuilt connecting rods or bearing carriers from Industrial Gas Technology, we help save you time and money, as well as provide you with peace-of-mind. Knowing your refurbished parts are brought back up to original specifications is much better than purchasing used parts that could still contain damage or wear that could lead to a critical failure. Our bearing carrier and compressor connecting rod parts exchange program allows you to save money by purchasing reduced-price parts rather than brand-new products of the same, or similar, quality. 

To learn more about our bearing carrier & compressor connecting rod parts exchange, or to receive a quote for proposed work you need on your compressor parts, contact us. We look forward to helping you get your machines back up and running!

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