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Compressor and Pump Equipment 


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Parts and Equipment

Industrial Gas Technology distributes and repairs compressors and pump equipment from premier manufacturers with the industry’s most extensive product lines. 

We are leagues above our competitors by stocking the largest quantity of OEM parts and equipment available nationwide. This ensures that we have the shortest lead times possible for compressor and pump rebuilds. We supply, repair, and service compressor and pump equipment from the industry’s leading companies including Corken, Blackmer, Sero, and more.

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Our service speaks for itself. We are a factory authorized service center for all Corken, Blackmer and Sero compressor and pump equipment. 

All compressors and pumps are rebuilt at our in house service department. We fully test and document every unit to guarantee your investment performs like new. With our extensive knowledge, and the largest nationwide part inventory, we have developed an extremely fast and efficient system for equipment repair. This prevents costly long repair lead times and ensures our customers get critical systems back online swiftly.   

We put a one-year workmanship guarantee on all service work. Our repair and rebuild services are typically done in house, but we do offer services to come to you and repair equipment on site. 

Our large inventory helps us serve our customers with the fastest turnaround times on rebuilds of compressors and pumps. 

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Packaging and Engineering

We offer a variety of complete Compressor and Pump packages. From base mounted Compressors and Pumps with motors to Turn-Key skid mounted packages, we are capable of supplying everything our customers need.


We have in house mechanical engineers that can design custom packages. We provide 2D and 3D drawings of every package to further assist our customers through every aspect of their project.

We can provide UL 508A & 698A Control Panel designs to integrate PLC & HMI control systems that provide a hassle free solution for our valued customers.

Our packaging and engineering capabilities coupled with an unmatched service offering, further asserts Industrial Gas Technology into a leading role in our industry.

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Industrial Gas Technology, Inc. offers factory-backed service school so that our customers can be more informed and be capable of properly maintaining and repairing their compressor and pump equipment. 

We've made a name for ourselves in the industry, and our service technician program is a big part of that. Discover how Industrial Gas Technology's hands-on training and instruction from industry pros will give your company the skills it needs.

Learn by doing as your employees take on the maintenance and repair compressors and pumps with industry professionals guiding the way. 

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Parts Exchange

We also offer rebuilt compressor connecting rod and bearing carriers for exchange. We’ll take care of the machining and cleanup.

Order rebuilt connecting rods or bearing carriers from Industrial Gas Technology, save money and time. All we need is your old connecting rods for a core. The connecting rods come with new bushings, bearings, bolts, and nuts. Our rebuilt bearing carriers include all new wear items, bringing the carrier back to OEM conditions.  

Technical Support

In many cases we are able to work with customers over the phone to solve their technical problems. This is possible because of our extensive product knowledge and the systems involved.


Calling our Toll Free phone number provides customers with the firsthand knowledge and assistance needed to handle technical issues. On-site technical support is available when extra assistance is needed. Our ability to resolve technical troubles is a great value to our customers. 


With our existing domestic and international customers, Industrial Gas Technology, Inc. has proven that customer satisfaction is our top priority. We have over 80 years of experience and offer reliable assistance to our customers in both the sales and technical service aspects of the compressor and pump equipment industry. We have built great relationships with our customers and continue to prove that Industrial Gas Technology, Inc. will bring exceptional value to any project. Our mission is to provide honest service at fair prices, while continuously finding new ways to improve our industry and meeting the needs improve our industry and meeting the needs of each customer now and for the future. 



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