Industrial Gas Technology, Inc. offers a variety of Compressor  and Pump packages. From base mounted Compressors and  Pumps with motors to Turn-Key Compressor and Pump skid mounted packages, we are capable of supplying everything our customers need.

In addition to our internal engineering department, we have access to excellent engineering and construction firms to further assist our customers through every aspect of their project.

Our packaging capabilities coupled with an unmatched service offering, further asserts Industrial Gas Technology, Inc. into a leading role in our industry.


The Industrial Gas Technology, Inc. maintenance program is a multifaceted program geared toward keeping our customers’ compressors operating at an optimal level, focusing on operational efficiency, gas leakage control, and lowering power consumption, while limiting operating costs, and extending warranty terms for operational peace of mind. The maintenance program is based on a (24) month schedule. After purchase of a new compressor, or rebuild/ recertification of the customers’ existing compressor the customer will receive a (2) year warranty on the equipment. After completing the PM service for (18) months, the customer will return the compressor to Industrial Gas Technology, Inc. for rebuild/recertification at (24) months, which will start the process again re-applying a (2) year warranty to the compressor. To take full advantage of the program there are (5) steps that must be completed:

1. Purchase a new compressor from Industrial Gas Technology, or have Industrial Gas Technology, Inc. Rebuild/Recertify your existing compressor. Both of these options will give you a two year warranty on the compressor.

2. Receive Preventative Maintenance Tag with New/Rebuilt Compressor, and purchase Spare Parts Kit, which includes (1) year recommend spare parts. **Spare parts kits from Industrial Gas Technology purchased through the maintenance program are offered at a 10% price reduction to customer (that’s 10% on top of customers’ current discount).

3. Training – Compressor Maintenance Training from Industrial Gas Technology. Our compressor maintenance training ensures the safety of the technicians, and equipment health. The training can be completed at our Bowling Green facility or on-site and must be completed within 90 days of this agreement.

4. Preventative Maintenance Execution – The preventative maintenance completed by customer, as outlined on the Maintenance Tag, using parts from Spare Parts Kit.

5. Recertification by Industrial Gas Technology, Inc. We agree to participate in the Maintenance Program outlined above.

Industrial Gas Technology, Inc. offers factory backed service school so that our customers can be more informed and be capable of properly maintaining their equipment. These service schools range from instructing proper pump & compressor maintenance to instruction of full equipment rebuilds.

We believe in “hands on” training. Equipment is furnished and in most cases the customers own equipment is used. We offer on site training as well as training sessions at our facility.

Our services have proven very valuable to complete maintenance departments, operators, and to site engineers alike. Our training allows for a greater understanding of pumps and compressors, which leads to more efficient use of the equipment.

For downloadable pdf instruction, training manuals, White Papers and more, click on the Support Link on the top of this page.